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Broker Heroes Protect and Serve

In 2021 we introduced the prestigious Broker Heroes, an esteemed title awarded only to those dedicated to the Cause; to provide unbeatable, personalised service for customers that reaches beyond everyday limits, confronts the challenges of those facing vulnerable circumstances, and succeeds.

We’ve revealed the identities of some of our heroes so we can together celebrate everything we have to offer – and just how much it’s appreciated not only by us, but those customers who are in need of our Heroes’ genuine care, expertise and consideration.


Dedicated to exceeding expectations and triumphing in the face of adversity – these are just a couple of the things our Broker Heroes are capable of. Delve into our Assembly to learn more about all they’ve achieved, and be inspired.

Chris Hulme

Clayton Hulme

Chris proves it’s never too early to think about life-saving cover for life-changing events.

Kieran Byrne

K G Byrne & Associates Ltd.

Critical illness cover isn’t just an add-on – it’s essential. Thanks to Kieran’s expert advice, Lesley-Ann was prepared.

Kyla Croydon

Cream Financial Solutions

Kyla’s close relationship with their client ensured their critical illness cover was utilised for their family’s wellbeing and health during a challenging and emotional time.

Liam Cook

Cream Financial Solutions

Liam and team happily handled as much of the claims process as possible when their client was diagnosed with cancer.

APH Financial

This hero knew exactly what to do when a family of four were facing uncertainty as a result of a serious medical diagnosis.

Clare Gray

Clear Mortgages

Clare’s life-saving foresight ensured her client received a full pay-out to help keep her financially comfortable during her recovery.

Fiona Rhys-Jones

LL Financial Solutions

Thanks to Fiona’s expert advice, her client was provided with a larger-than-expected CIC amount that would change her family’s lives.

Andrew Davidson


Andrew personally proved the value of taking out protection cover when his son suffered a life-changing accident abroad.

Fiona Rhys-Jones

LL Financial Solutions

A challenging situation involving two adult, estranged children was easily solved by Fiona’s advice, leaving a concerned couple with the peace of mind they wouldn’t lose their home.

David Conway

Clayhall Financial Services

David proves the system works. His Critical Illness Cover recommendation to his client meant the burden of financial worries was dealt with effectively.

Kylie-Ann Gatecliffe

KAG Financial

Kylie-Ann showed that paying attention to the details helps families when they have nowhere else to turn.

Amo Singh

Vital Protection

Amo understood the stress and pressure of understanding and filling out complicated protection and cover forms – that’s why he handled the process on her behalf.

Joanna Streames

Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services

As an experienced adviser, Joanna utilised her knowledge to ensure her loved ones were as prepared for the future as any of her clients.

David Bradshaw

McCaffrey Mortgages

In light of a tragic cancer diagnosis for his client, David’s policy suggestion meant his client’s family would always have a roof over their head.

Andrew Glover

Purely Financial Planning

Despite his client’s insistence on a clean bill of health and confidence this would remain the same in the future, Andrew fiercely advised he remained covered – and it was a good job he did!

Tom and Aga

GRN Financial Services

In light of a tragic cancer diagnosis for his client, David’s policy suggestion meant his client’s family would always have a roof over their head.

Anthony Thackeray

A&L Financial Solutions

Anthony shared not one, not two, but three examples of his dedication to seeing his clients get the cover they need and the pay-outs they deserve.

Jordan Sanders

313 Financial

Jordan was at the front of the queue when couple Dale and Beth were facing an uncertain future. He handled the claim on their behalf and a month later, the frantic couple got some good news they needed.

Do you recognise your adviser amongst our champions?

Brokers and advisers affiliated with PRIMIS Mortgage Network benefit from our services and expertise ultimately ensuring that YOU, our customers, benefit from the best products and services for your circumstances.

To join the ranks of the PRIMIS Broker Heroes Assembly – recount the tale of how you protected, served and saved here

The Pride of Primis: Broker Hero Awards

Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine… they’re old news.

We’re here to celebrate some real heroes, the ones who are there for their customers no matter what, who will go above and beyond the line of duty to protect, serve and save.

That’s why we are excited and honoured to introduce the very first Broker Heroes Award winner.

Christian Shaw

With the greatest pleasure we awarded 313 Financial’s Christian Shaw with the very first Broker Hero of the Year award at our highly successful VOX Recognising Excellence event on Thursday 3 February 2022. Surrounded by colleagues and peers and a resounding applause, Christian took to the stage to humbly accept his award honouring his invaluable contribution to the industry.