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Our next broker hero showcase is Kylie-Ann Gatecliffe, from KAG Financial.

Kylie-Ann’s Hero Case Study

A family came to me three years ago, a lovely couple with two children. I arranged their mortgage and noticed that they didn’t have the correct level of protection in place, so I arranged a life policy and critical illness cover.

Three years later, unfortunately the father was quite unwell for a few months. He initially struggled to get a diagnosis because of delays to tests, due to Covid-19. He has now been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, which was a big shock to the family. I have been in touch with the clients weekly since his diagnosis – he has remained positive every time we have spoken, his main worry being his girls not recognising him when he loses his hair. His wife cried on the phone to me when the pay-out for his critical illness policy had been authorised. This couple are in their 30s – which just shows how important it is to discuss it with younger clients. Knowing this is my tenth claim paying out is bittersweet but just confirms we do a “proper job” and proves how important protection is. It blows my mind that there are still advisers out there happy to lump clients with a huge debt with no mention of protection. We never want to see clients get ill but knowing we have done one small thing to make this awful situation better means everything.