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By 17th February 2022November 15th, 2023Blog, Broker Hero

Our next broker hero showcase is Anthony Thackeray, from A & L Financial Solutions.

Anthony’s Hero Case Study

Anthony shared three stories from the past 18 months:

Story #1 I’ve looked after this family for past couple years. The male is aged 39 and in, what he thought, was good health. Unfortunately he collapsed at work. Further tests showed that he had a brain tumour and he was given a two year life expectancy. The claim was submitted to Guardian and it was fully paid in less than three weeks. He received a full pay out on Critical Illness cover and, due to the stage of his illness, he was paid out fully on terminal illness too. Since then the couple have married and set things in place for the future with the payouts they received.

Story #2

This family has been receiving my advice for the last three years. For this client I arranged for an over 50s Guaranteed Life plan to be put in place with AIG. The client’s wife informed me that sadly her husband had passed away after being diagnosed with cancer just six weeks previously. A full pay-out was made to the family within 12 days.

Story #3 My 24 year old client went to see his doctor with, what he thought, was a hernia. The doctor diagnosed a hernia but after it got worse my client went for scans. The scans reveals he had bowel cancer. Guardian was exceptional again, paying the client £200,000 within a month. Luckily my client got the treatment he needed and he was discharged 12 months later.