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By 17th February 2022November 15th, 2023Blog, Broker Hero

Our next broker hero showcase is Jordan Sanders, from 313 Financial.

Jordan’s Hero Case Study

I’ve helped many families get the right protection in place. So when my own friend Dale needed support in heart-breaking circumstances, I was there to help.

Dale and his partner Beth already had two daughters when they welcomed a son in January 2019. But after spending the first few weeks of his life in and out of hospital, Sonny was diagnosed with loss of independence, a very rare and life-limiting condition.

It was devastating news. Sonny’s condition would deteriorate over time, causing him to lose sight, hearing and motor control. Juggling Sonny’s needs with the needs of their other children, Beth had to give up her job at a nursery and became a full-time carer. Dale often had to miss work for hospital appointments, meaning he lost pay.

Considering the difficult time the family was going through, as their adviser, I handled the claim on their behalf. The claim handler was very helpful. The process was very quick and after 1 month I received the best news possible from Aviva – it would pay out on both policies.

When I told Dale and Beth that Aviva would pay out on both their critical illness policies, they were shocked. It was a life-changing amount of money for them. It helped them make so many memories – memories they never thought they’d be able to make. They got married, and Sonny was the best man. And in January they had a party for his first birthday.

Sadly, Sonny’s health took a turn for the worse after his birthday, and he passed away. Again, I worked with the claims team for the funeral benefit, helping the family celebrate their little boy’s life in the way they wanted.

After taking the time off work they both needed, Dale and Beth are now looking forward to taking their girls on holiday and making new memories together as a family. I lost my mother when I was eleven. She didn’t have life insurance, so my father really struggled to support our family. That’s why I’m really passionate about protection now – it would have made such a difference to us. And it’s amazing that it made such a difference to Dale and Beth. Everyone should have protection – you just don’t know what the future holds.