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By 17th February 2022November 15th, 2023Blog, Broker Hero

Our next broker hero showcase is David Bradshaw, from McCaffrey Mortgages.

David’s Hero Case Study

I met my friend H on my first day of primary school when we were five years old. We’ve been friends ever since; I was his best man five years ago and I’m godparent to his three year old daughter. Last January, H and his wife bought a lovely house in Hale. I arranged the mortgage (a fairly big one) with Platform. I also put in place a Scottish Widows life and critical illness policy, with a monthly premium of £175.

During the Burnley game at Anfield this season in August, H had a funny turn when Jota scored. He felt faint and went to get a drink, but couldn’t get back up the stairs. He called his GP, who said there were a couple of red flags and that he needed an appointment. The reason he fainted was that he didn’t have enough blood in his body. The doctor thought it might be a stomach ulcer that was bleeding. A gastroscopy sadly revealed that it was a malignant tumour and there was a dot on his liver that required further investigation too. H had a CT scan, which identified that he had terminal cancer.

In November of this year the policy paid out just over £200,000 and they were able to pay their mortgage off. It was quite an emotional call when I told them this. I told H that he should feel proud, as his wife and daughter would now have a lovely roof over their heads forever no matter what. The policy paying out was the first bit of good news H had received since his diagnosis.

If I hadn’t arranged the policy it’s as simple as this: H’s wife and daughter would have lost their home, as they wouldn’t have been able to afford it. The relief was immeasurable. Scottish Widows were excellent and they are a brand I continue to trust. I genuinely believe in the significance of what I do for people, in terms of protecting them. It’s important and that is why we do what we do.