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By 14th December 2021May 30th, 2023Broker Hero, Blog

Our next broker hero showcase is from Kyla Croydon, from Cream Financial Solutions.

Kyla’s Hero Case Study

A previous Cream adviser set up the policy for this client and I helped the family throughout the claim process. I have a close relationship with this family and their story, in particular, touches me.

Our clients’ daughter was diagnosed with kidney lymphoma at the age of three. It was a rare and aggressive form of cancer. When I heard the sad news I called the family to offer our support. They hadn’t thought about making a claim on their critical illness policy, which I helped them to do.

The family were worried about money and they couldn’t keep their daughter’s nursery place for when she was well enough to return. They had a critical illness policy with enhanced cover and a pay-out uplift in place, which paid out £37,500. This meant that the little girl’s Mom didn’t have to return to work and she got to spend every moment with her. The money gave the family choices. They were able to reinstate their daughter’s nursery place and buy a specialist wheelchair for her.

At one point the little girl was having chemotherapy every day. She responded well to treatment, receiving a bone marrow transplant with a 100% match (which is incredibly rare) and she was able to go back to nursery. Sadly the cancer came back and she died aged six.

Simon and I attended her funeral, which was a celebration of her life. During the service they showed pictures and videos of the memories they’d made together. The money they received became immaterial because they’d made so many precious memories using it. The family were able to complete their daughter’s bucket list – she went on a plane, saw Santa in Lapland and they went on a Winnebago trip. There was even a photo of her rock climbing with an oxygen tank on her back.

I spoke to her Dad after the funeral, he gave me a big hug and thanked me. He said they would never forget me because the memories that I’d just seen were made because of what we did for them. The thank you card they gave me is still in my lounge to this day and it’s a reminder of why I do what I do.

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