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As well as supporting you, our brokers and their customers, we want to make sure we’re helping our wider community and supporting great causes.

We are delighted that once again our 2023 charity partner is Marie Curie. We will be fundraising to support Marie Curie’s fantastic work throughout the year. This is an opportunity to learn more about the work Marie Curie do and to collectively make an impact.

Corporate responsibility enables us to make a difference together and aligns with our ethos of providing practical solutions for families when times are tough.


Marie Curie provide care and support for people living with terminal illness. They also assist the families of those who are unwell, and tend to their needs. Last year they cared for over 40,000 people across the UK. Find out more on the official Marie Curie website here.


We are working with Marie Curie to organise a range of activities throughout 2023. We will hold regular fundraising events and share updates on progress.

We also encourage our advisers to make donations at our both virtual and face-to-face.


We have also set up the facility for you to make regular donations into our PRIMIS account. All donations will be added to money raised from events and will contribute to our fundraising total for Marie Curie.

To make regular donations, you need to set up a standing order from the account you wish to make the payment from. Please e-mail for more information.

If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, you can do so on our PRIMIS JustGiving page here.


Your donation can make an immediate impact:

  • £20 – could pay for one hour of vital nursing care for someone living with a terminal illness in the comfort of their own home.
  • £90 – could pay for half an evening’s care in a person’s home when they need it most.
  • £180 – could provide nine hours of nursing support in someone’s home through the night, bringing the expert care and comfort families need in very challenging situations.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you.

Our Donations

“Thank you so much PRIMIS for donating all these wonderful chocolate goodies and treats for our patients and staff. They will definitely brighten their day! Whilst money is vital for the ongoing funding of our nurses and hospices, these gestures mean a great deal to us all here, and chocolate in particular will keep our spirits and energy levels high too.”

Our broker survey will make a big difference, not only to PRIMIS in terms of invaluable feedback, but also to Marie Curie’s fantastic work. We committed to making a £10 donation for every completed response we received and can now confirm PRIMIS have made a donation of £4,200.

Rachel Nash, Community Fundraiser, said:

“We are so grateful to you all for raising an incredible £4,200 for Marie Curie! This fantastic amount will sponsor 11 Hospice beds for 24 hours at our West Midlands Hospice which enables our Nurses and Doctors to continue to provide specialist, expert care for people with terminal illnesses. Our team at the Hospice help to provide symptom control and manage pain when our patients come to the end of their life. We need to continue to be there for everyone and also expand our reach as more and more people are dying with complex conditions and we must be there for them when they need us most. Your donations will enable us to do this. Keep up the great work PRIMIS – your support is invaluable to us!”