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Welcome to PRIMIS Mortgage Network. You may not have heard of us, so we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We’re the largest network of mortgage and insurance advisers in the UK.

A network (PRIMIS) is a business that’s authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA regulate firms in the UK providing financial services (like your mortgage or insurance adviser) to ensure their business is honest, competitive and fair, so customers (like yourself) receive fair deals.

A network is responsible for creating a compliant environment, so advisers can offer customers, advice on mortgages, protection and insurance. This means that your adviser operates under our guidance and doesn’t need to liaise with the FCA directly. Instead, they can concentrate on what they do best: helping their customers. Think of us as the “middleman” between the FCA and your adviser.

Our role is to help your adviser make sure they provide you with high quality products and fantastic advice that’s tailored to your individual needs. We do this by:


You may have heard Martin Lewis say that “brokers are worth their weight in gold” and we really think they are. Look at our Broker Heroes and how they’ve made a difference to their customers’ lives.

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Need an adviser?

If you don’t have an adviser and want to talk to an expert about a mortgage or insurance, we can help you find one.