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How to have successful protection conversations with every customer

By 18th March 2024Blog, Protection
Protection adviser and customer holding paper cut out of a family. A piggy bank and a contract for an insurance policy are nearby

Our job as brokers is to ensure that we inform and guide our customers through the whole mortgage process – which includes talking about protection insurance! Whether your customer is a first-time buyer, seeking a product transfer or a remortgage, reviewing what protection policies they could need or reviewing any policies they currently have in place is vital when providing an excellent service to your customers. It’s important to communicate to your customer the benefit of your advice when it comes to protection insurance policies. Whilst they may already think they have the right cover, if they went through a comparison website, did they simply select the cheapest option, thinking that this would suffice? Going over their protection policies during remortgage conversations or initial discussions when getting a mortgage, will provide the opportunity for you to double-check that the protection they have is fit for use and suitable for their individual needs.

Understanding different types of protection

With all that in mind, it’s important that you have taken the time to familiarise yourself, or brush up your knowledge on all the different types of protection. We must recognise that individual customers will have individual protection needs and it’s because of this understanding, the various nuances between different insurance policies are so essential. Within the realms of personal protection you’ll be aware of policies such as life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and even family income benefit. While business protection features policies like key person insurance, relevant life plan, business loan cover and much more. Here at PRIMIS, we feature articles and explainers on many of the different types of protection insurance which you can get to grips with via our news and blog page.

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What to consider when talking protection

There are a number of barriers you will have to overcome in order to successfully demonstrate just how essential having the right protection policies in place is to customers. Amidst a particularly difficult economic period, it’s not uncommon to be told that your customer just doesn’t have room in their budget to sustain a long-term protection policy. Even with this hesitancy however, there’s a lot you can do as an adviser to better your proposition and make it so protection insurance isn’t seen as the unaffordable, luxury expense that it may currently have the reputation of. Take into account the following tips to help strengthen your protection services and increase the number of successful conversations you have on the subject:

  • Build protection into your process, so that it’s second nature when speaking to customers.
  • Buildings insurance is a legal requirement when getting a mortgage, so make sure your customers are aware of this.
  • You’re the expert! As a broker, it’s your responsibility to make sure customers have enough information, that they understand, in order to make informed decisions.
  • Provide examples and case studies to highlight the value of the policy and give confidence in successful provider claims.

Need support selling protection?

If you have a particular protection case that you’re struggling with, our Experts Team can help. To speak to the Experts Team, please contact You can also click below to begin your journey as a PRIMIS Mortgage Network adviser, which grants you access to unparalleled compliance support and propositional assistance that will make protecting customers easier than ever!

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