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As we continue to welcome all our new firms, brokers and PRIMIS colleagues, we also strive to continue bringing you the solutions that we are confident that our growing network will benefit from. With help from your feedback, we have been able to evolve one of our most essential broker tools – our CRM service Toolbox, with an ongoing cycle of development that adapts to meet your needs. Learn all about our upcoming changes and tweaks here to find out what you can experience the next time you log in to Toolbox.

What is Toolbox?

For those of you who aren’t aware, Toolbox is an exclusively developed CRM system we offer to our network of brokers and advisers here at PRIMIS. As an all-in-one CRM solution, Toolbox delivers a lot in terms of functionality with the overall goal of the system being to facilitate successful outcomes and reduce the amount of time spent on the admin side of cases. While this is the driving force behind Toolbox’s inception and continued refined, the system is also capable of the following:

  • Increasing advice efficiencies
  • Driving lead generation, sales and quality
  • Offering high-level security and compliance
  • Facilitating seamless integration to sourcing systems
  • Continuously evolving to meet brokers’ needs

To learn more about what Toolbox is and what its many benefits are, as well as receive a brief overview of how to make the most of the service, watch the following video here.

Screenshot from Welcome to Toolbox video, showing a laptop screen with the Toolbox dashboard loaded up.

What are the Latest Updates to Toolbox?

Toolbox Password Reset functionality update

The Password Reset functionality within Toolbox has been updated. Previously when a new account was created, or a reset password was requested, we would send you an email containing:

  • Your username
  • A temporary password
  • Link to Toolbox to reset your password

The process has now been updated. The email you will receive will contain a link and a process to follow. For example, if you have forgotten your password, then you will click on the Forgot Password link on the Toolbox Login page – you will be taken to a page where you can use your username to reset your password. If your username is valid, you will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

Password reset page on Toolbox

Note: Please note that the new password link is only available for 24 hours, if you try to select the password reset link after 24 hours it will take you to a page that informs you that the password reset link is no longer valid. However, you can request another password reset link email via the email you have received above. Once you click on the valid password reset link, this will take you to a page to enter your username. If this occurs, then you will have to start the above process again:

  • Click the forgot password link in order to get a new valid Password reset link
  • Enter a valid username
  • When prompted, enter your new password and then repeat to confirm your new password

When a valid password has been entered and the Change Password button is selected then you will get the following message:

Password has been successfully changed screen on Toolbox

When you click on continue, this will take you back to the Login page, where you will be asked to enter your Username and new password. If you try the Forgotten Password link, but your account is locked, then you will receive an email that informs you that your account is locked. This is due to too many failed password attempts when trying to log in. If you haven’t got a memorable word set up, then you will get the following email with the details to contact the Helpdesk team, who will unlock your account and send you a new password reset email link. If you do have a memorable word set, then this will allow you to self-serve and unlock your account.

Unlock account email sent from Toolbox

The email that you will receive will have link, when clicked it will redirect you to a page for you to enter characters from your memorable word. If validation is passed, when you click the reset button it will take you through the process to set a new password and follow the process outlined above.

Reset Toolbox account page


In line with Consumer Duty, we have made some further enhancements to the Fact Find sections.  Within this release, the following sections have changed:

  • Personal Details – Dependants DOB
  • Personal Details – Occupation Details > Other Employment Income
  • Personal Details – Secondary Employment Income Details
  • Personal Details – Monthly Expenditure Details
  • Personal Details – Health Details – Smoker

Fact Find > Personal Details > Main Details > Dependents DOB

Following feedback, we have added the Dependant’s DOB back into the Fact Find.  When a DOB is entered, the age is automatically calculated and displayed as a read-only field. For historical data, any ages keyed in will still display but once a DOB is entered it will update the age field.

Fact Find screen on Toolbox with new Dependent's Date of Birth field

Note: For any Fact Find that has been completed but not yet validated and pulled over to the compliance summary, please ensure you do this prior to the release otherwise you will be asked to complete the dependants’ DOB, as it is mandatory on submission.

Fact Find > Personal Details > Occupation Details > Other Employment Income to be included with Basic Salary & Secondary Employment Income Details

This section has now been amended adding the following subheadings to show Guaranteed Income grouped together and irregular/ad-hoc incomes:

  • Guaranteed Income
  • Non-Guaranteed Income
Main Employment Income Details with new subheadings to show Guaranteed Income grouped together and irregular/ad-hoc incomes

Fact Find > Monthly Expenditure Details

The expenditure page has now been amended adding in subsections and reordering slightly to fit the expenditure into the following categories:

  • Committed Expenditure
  • Utilities
  • Credit Commitments
  • Insurances
  • General Living Costs
  • Savings and Investments
  • Non-Committed Expenditure

Two new expenditure rows have been added:

  • Car Insurance
  • Buildings only/Buildings & Contents Insurance

Amended ‘Other Insurance Contracts e.g. Buildings & Contents, Car Insurance etc’ to now read – ‘Other Insurance Contracts e.g. Buildings & Contents, Car Insurance etc needs amending to read ‘Other Insurance Contracts e.g. mobile phone / boiler cover / specialist i.e. jewellery/bikes’.

Amended ‘General Household Maintenance’ to now read – ‘General Household Maintenance amended to read General Household Maintenance e.g., window cleaner, cleaner, gardener’. Each subsection is now collapsible.

Fact Find > Emergency Fund/Health & Will Details > Health Details

To ensure the correct smoker status is recorded on the provider application and to avoid future risk of non-payout due to incorrect health disclosures, the smoker options have now changed adding in Past Smoker and recording when last smoked. Your options are now:

  • Smoker (previously Yes)
  • Non-Smoker (Previously No)
  • Past Smoker

If Past Smoker is selected another question is, then asked ‘Date when a nicotine product was last used’ with a date box.  Please note the following mapping for Solution Builder and Iress (Exchange):

  • If the client was a Past Smoker more than 12 months ago from the date you do the protection source, they will be mapped over as a non-smoker. 
  • If the client is as Past Smoker 12 months or less months from the date you do the protection source, they will be mapped as a smoker. 

We have also amended the smoker status on the Personal Details > Main Details page and like before if completed when creating your client, it will update the Health Details page within Fact Find or vice versa.