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Recruit new team members for your firms with PRIMIS

By 31st October 2023Business Growth, Blog
Colourful puzzle pieces decorated with personnel icons scattered across a blue surface.

Growing your broker firms by reaching out to new customers and fulfilling their insurance or mortgage needs is essential for your long-term business development. More customers means more scope for policy arrangements, which in turn can mean more income. This isn’t the only way you can increase your foothold in the market, but the added benefit of new personnel can also improve the way you do business. By recruiting more advisers to your firm, you can benefit from new expertise as well as workload redistribution, increased productivity and much more.

To make your search for the perfect adviser a more straightforward process, here at PRIMIS we have introduced our all-new recruitment pages. Not only can firms apply to advertise their vacancies on our jobs board and our social media pages, but we will also make it easy for interested candidates who fit your criteria to get connected to your business. Whether you’re looking for advisers or administrators, brokers or BDMs, our new recruitment pages will take the hassle out of matching you with your ideal candidate.

Finding new team members

The process of finding new team members is incredibly simple. Simply visit our Find New Team Members page on the PRIMIS Mortgage Network website and you will be greeted with our user-friendly application form. With fields for confirming both basic and additional detail (as shown below), we can create a bespoke vacancy post, complete with information regarding what sort of role you’re looking for, the region where the role will be based and salary ranges.

Vacancy application form found on PRIMIS Mortgage Network website

Visit our recruitment page now to start the process of advertising your vacancies, so that your ideal candidate can find their dream job.

What Happens Next?

After a member of your firm fills out our application form, we will then start work on producing artwork for your vacancy which will then be advertised in several prominent places. This includes PRIMIS’ Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms, which will give candidates with the opportunity to click through and browse our full job board. Our job board features the full list of vacancy opportunities a candidate can apply to, as advertised by firms and advisers. On each of our vacancy artworks, we will clearly state the following:

  • What the role is eg. Mortgage Adviser, Protection Adviser, Business Development Manager, Administrator etc.
  • The working location: office-based, remote or hybrid
  • The region
  • Potential salary or potential total earnings
  • Additional info when supplied by applicant eg. laptop provided, leads provided etc.
  • Vacancy reference number which will be used by interested candidates when applying for a role
Vacancy artwork shown on PRIMIS job board

When a potential candidate shows interest in a vacancy shown on our socials or our job board, they can then reach out to our team here at PRIMIS. Using the job reference number shown in the bottom right-hand corner of each vacancy artwork, a member of our team will then bridge the gap between candidate and firm so that the next steps of the recruitment process can then be put into place, which could include a remote or face-to-face interview. Firms will be provided with their candidates’ contact details and their CVs (if uploaded) so that they can quickly get all the facts and decide how to progress.

So just to summarise, this will be the process principals will have to go through to advertise an available role with PRIMIS:

  • Visit the PRIMIS Find New Team Members page
  • Fill out a recruitment form
  • A member of our team will create a bespoke artwork piece which will then be advertised on our jobs board and social media pages
  • Interested applicants who reach out will then have their contact details passed on to you
  • Arrange interview dates with your new applicants

Why should you recruit new team members with PRIMIS?

The recruitment process can be long and drawn out, causing unnecessary stress for any firm, especially when vacancies need to be filled quickly. By working with PRIMIS and taking advantage of our recruitment tools, we handle all the admin work when it comes to matching your firm with the perfect candidate. Which means you and your team can focus on getting things in place for the inevitable expansion of your firm. Our recruitment pages are just one of the many reasons why joining our mortgage network could make all the difference in how you and your firm grow.

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