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Lemonade – Keep up with increasing rates and product changes

By 10th October 2023Blog
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The finance industry moves incredibly fast and rarely gives us a moment to stop and catch our breath. From fluctuating interest rates to major product changes, it can be hard for mortgage brokers and protection advisers to focus on delivering good customer outcomes while also keeping up with the latest changes to the market which they need to be aware of. To ensure our brokers aren’t left chasing the pack, we have relaunched our support resource – Lemonade. If you want to stay up to date on the latest changes to the market from leading lenders like TSB, Halifax, Precise Mortgages etc. then make sure you always have Lemonade nearby. Keep reading to learn more about how Lemonade can benefit you during customer conversations, as well as the actual process of arranging policies.

What is Lemonade?

Lemonade is a broker support tool which was originally developed and launched to help advisers within our network during the COVID-19 pandemic. While brokers were at home and had to constantly respond to major updates in the market independently, we decided to create a centralised hub of information where any changes to a lender’s rates or products could be easily identified and then taken into account during policy arrangements. Over 3 years later, Lemonade has made an impactful return as part of our array of tools to help our network advisers. So, if you find yourself committing far too much of your precious time combing through industry reports or reaching out to BDMs, then Lemonade is going to make sure you are in control.

Who keeps Lemonade updated?

With Lemonade, you don’t have to worry about manually keeping tabs on industry news to find out what the latest amendments to Hanley Economics Building Society’s lending policy are, or what Leeds Building Society has altered as part of their mortgage range. Instead, our Experts Team, here at PRIMIS Mortgage Network, will take sole responsibility for consolidating this essential information and making sure it is easily accessible. If you have any questions about something which has caught your eye, or you can’t find something you need, then you can always get in touch with our Experts Team at

What kind of updates does Lemonade feature?

Lemonade will feature major updates which will impact how you arrange policies through a given lender from our panel. As you’re probably aware, lenders are constantly fine-tuning their products and services so that their range can better meet the diverse needs of the UK public searching for mortgages and protection insurance. Some of the more recent updates listed on Lemonade include:

  • Tipton & Coseley Building SocietySlight amendment to their lending policy which you can download and view on Lemonade.
  • TSB Updated Rate Switch criteria allowing applicants to submit a Rate Switch application 3 months before their current product’s end date.
  • Hanley Economic Building Society 3 new mortgage products released.
  • Vida HomeloansWrap-up of their HMO and MUB criteria explaining how they can help your specialist customers get on the property ladder.

While these are just a handful of the most recent updates, there is still plenty going on within the industry which makes the landscape increasingly fluid. But with help from Lemonade, as well as the determination of our Experts Team, you can consistently remain informed on what’s happening in the market.

How can you access Lemonade?

To gain access to Lemonade and take advantage of our constant stream of industry updates you will need to be part of our mortgage network, which requires you to operate as an appointed representative. Once you are an official appointed representative of our network, accessing Lemonade will be a fairly simple and straightforward process with the numerous avenues and channels available to you. These include:

  • Links via our comms – We will regularly reach out to our advisers with comms to keep you informed on all major business updates.
  • Email signatures – When you receive an email from a PRIMIS Mortgage Network employee, our email signature may feature a useful link that will take you to Lemonade when clicked on.
  • Banner on The Hub – The Hub is our adviser portal where we highlight materials and resources we think our advisers will benefit from. Our rotating banner located on The Hub will allow you to access Lemonade also.

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