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Equity release referrals in a post-Consumer Duty world

By 12th June 2023June 14th, 2023Blog, Compliance

Starting from 31 July 2023, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will introduce the Consumer Duty principle, which focuses on delivering good outcomes for customers. Businesses can adapt to these changes and thrive by harnessing the power of equity release referrals.

Why choose Key Partnerships as your equity release referral partner?

Working with Key Partnerships as your equity release referral specialist offers a complementary solution without the need to provide equity release advice yourself. This partnership ensures compliance with Consumer Duty’s four key outcomes and provides a growing income stream.

Suitable products and services

  • Equity release products now cater to customer needs and adapt to market changes.
  • The Equity Release Council’s Standards ensure consumer safeguards like no negative equity, fixed interest rates, and early repayment charges.
  • Innovative products have expanded the consumer base for equity release plans.

Fair value

  • Key Partnerships provides expert face-to-face advice from equity release specialists.
  • Advisers search the market for plans that meet clients’ needs, prioritizing understanding before recommending equity release.
  • Dedicated case handlers ensure a smooth application process and keep clients informed. Clients pay an advice fee only if they proceed with a plan.
  • Key Partnerships delivers fair value, independent, and tailored advice, ensuring clients pay a fair price for products and services.

Suitable treatment

To begin referring, provide your client’s name and contact number. Key Partnerships’ specialist agents will contact your client.

  • We offer an initial consultation (in-person, online, or by phone) to explain the product. Our adviser searches the market for the best plan and provides tailored, unbiased recommendations.
  • After finding a suitable plan, we arrange a second meeting to discuss details and suitability. A dedicated case handler guides them through the rest of the process.

And by working with Key Partnerships, our knowledge and experience will help ensure the outcome is right for your client both in the short and long-term.


Key Partnerships empowers clients with information to make well-informed decisions about equity release.

  • We assist in identifying potential equity release clients from your current customer base and provide comprehensive training, support, and resources.
  • Your clients receive informative materials such as guides and leaflets to make well-informed decisions at their own pace.
  • The adviser explains the product details and explores alternative financial options with your client.

How referring your client to Key Partnerships benefits you

Working with Key Partnerships will help you grow your business. 

  • Choose Key Group, the leading specialist in later life solutions. With 20+ years’ experience, we’ve helped over 1 million people make equity release decisions for good outcomes.
  • We are an independent referral service trusted by over 8,000 registered introducers, with 14,000 5-star customer reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Our process is user-friendly for you and your clients. Start referring immediately without specialized qualifications or industry experience.
  • Partnering with Key Partnerships boosts your business growth. Our average referral fee in 2022 was £2,252, creating a valuable additional income stream.

Partnering with us allows you to offer clients a complementary service that supports your core business areas. You also gain access to tools and educational support to enhance conversations around equity release.  To get started, register with Key Partnerships.