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The key to maintaining positive relationships with your customers is regular and engaging communication. Keeping your customers attention while actively promoting your own services can be a challenge. Luckily here at PRIMIS we strive to ensure you have as many channels for communication with your customers as possible, so you can continue to focus on giving quality advice while constantly improving how you interact with your existing customer base. One of the ways we have achieved this is through our brand-new customer marketing materials, which you can find out plenty about right here.

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How Will our Customer Materials Benefit Brokers and Advisers?

Maintaining constant communications with customers provides quite the challenge. For some it is a matter of time-constraints, while for others it is a case of not knowing the best channels or not being able to produce the right content to actively engage your customer base. Regular and consistent communication is critical when you are dealing with something as significant as mortgages and protection products. And a poor approach to proactive communication can have a negative impact when it comes to customer retention.

With our new customer marketing materials, the hard work of planning and strategising is already done, as we provide you monthly content bundles centred around topics that will actively engage your readers. That’s not all, as we have also crafted unique messaging tailored to a variety of communication channels which we know your customers are active on. These include e-mails, WhatsApp messages and social media posts. This means your entire customer base will benefit from more regular messaging, even if they aren’t all active on the same platform.

You will also have the benefit of driving attention to key areas of service that your customers might not be aware of with content bundles focused on the following areas:

  1. Catching up with customers after major life events which may warrant policy reviews.
  2. Renewing policies before lenders are able to suggest product transfers.
  3. Encouraging referrals to friends and family in return for rewards.

By making sure your entire customer base is informed of your diverse service portfolio the scope for greater retention is possible, with the added benefit of your new and existing customers knowing that they will benefit from direct communications, encouraging them to return to you and your services time and time again.  All our content has been pre-approved by our Financial Promotion service and following you inputting the correct personalised information detailed in the simple supporting guide, you can share it instantly across e-mail, WhatsApp and all your social media platforms.

Why Not Get Involved?

Our full suite of customer materials is available for PRIMIS brokers right now via the Hub. If you have any ideas for topics or suggestions on what you would like your customers to receive, please e-mail as we’d love to hear them!

Not part of PRIMIS? Make an enquiry to join us here, so you can benefit from receiving monthly content bundles to build a constant stream of communication with your valued customer base.