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Our next broker hero showcase is from Mick Oxley, from Prestige Financial Solutions.

Mick’s Hero Case Study

When I was first introduced to my client, she had two young boys and was a housewife, working sporadically as a hairdresser. Her partner was a builder and was the main breadwinner in the family. During our consultation, as her partner was the main breadwinner, she said she didn’t feel the need for critical illness protection for herself. She felt it Back in early January 2015 I had a meeting with a couple who had been referred to me by a friend. They wanted me to look at their mortgage, which was very straightforward. During the meeting I asked if they had any protection plans in place and explained the importance of being covered. On a personal note, I told them that I had recently made a successful claim myself and had just been paid out for my prostate cancer surgery. I told them that all being well I wasn’t expected to die, so I was going to treat myself to a shiny red sports car.

They had never heard of anyone being paid out before and asked me to have a look at their existing plan, which was taken out years before to cover the old mortgage. I took all the details and when back in the office I checked with CI expert (which was a free trial at the time) and found that there was a more suitable plan with Royal London for their current needs. They took my advice and I set up two individual Life and CIC plans. We have had regular reviews since and all has been fine.

My client phoned me on 1ˢᵗ December 2020 and told me that she had been feeling ill for quite a while and felt exhausted all the time. She had been to the doctors for tests, which showed that she had a condition called “MPN” Myeloproliferative neoplasms and “ET” Thrombocythemia.She told me that she had to leave her job and was at her wits’ end. She asked if she had any cover or support from Royal London.

I told her that I would get in touch with Royal London for her and check everything out. We completed a claim form and sent it off for review. I telephoned Royal London on 6 January. They told me that her claim had been successful and that her payment of £81,000 was being processed. I think my telephone call to her was one of the best conversations I have had in many months. She was so happy she was sobbing. She told me that she couldn’t believe it, as they were struggling financially with her not working and it was going to be life-changing for them.

Another true story about a pay out to put into my briefcase!

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