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By 18th June 2021May 31st, 2023Blog, General Public, Business Growth


PRIMIS and have agreed a new partnership, which gives you access to Eligible’s personalised client engagement platform Retain, designed to help keep clients for life.

PRIMIS advisers will have exclusive access to the software as we look to provide you with the best technology available, to enable you to grow your businesses and retain more clients without the added time and manual intervention.

Toolbox, takes advantage of the new integration that plugs straight into Retain and automatically starts communicating with clients as soon as they complete.

Retain supports you by automatically educating and keeping in touch with your clients throughout their mortgage journey, freeing up your time to focus on advice and submitting business. The system learns about client needs, sending them firm-branded communications relevant to their current situation, notifying you when they are ready to talk about their options. This enables you to have a real-time view of your entire client base, understanding what your clients care about, so you can provide timely advice and support on next steps.

Vikki Jefferies, Proposition Director at PRIMIS Mortgage Network, commented:

“This partnership with Eligible is another example of our commitment to helping make brokers’ lives easier through technology. Tools that save time and drive client retention are an asset to any adviser – particularly those looking to grow their business – and this is exactly what our partnership with Eligible will prove our AR firms with more of. I hope to see brokers embracing the benefits that Eligible’s Retain platform can provide them and their business as they continue to provide the best possible customer outcomes.”

Rameez Zafar, CEO of Eligible, added:

“We’re pleased to partner with PRIMIS, who are committed to ensuring their members have access to the best tools out there to future proof their businesses. Our client retention solution gives advisers time back, allowing them to focus on submitting more business. We look forward to continuing to work with many existing PRIMIS firms who use Retain and getting to know new firms through this invaluable partnership.”

ABOUT ELIGIBLE.AI is an award-winning mortgage software technology firm, established in 2017. Eligible is focused on building personalised relationship solutions for financial services in the mortgage market. Their pilot solution is Retain – a smart client engagement platform designed to help advisers keep clients for life. Eligible is on a mission to help financial services keep clients forever, they work closely within industry to support productivity, save time, and reduce costs and deliver solutions that are product-market fit. They are continuously making improvements to their platform to help streamline and automate the mortgage client lifetime journey and are helping firms make the most out of their most valuable asset, their data. Currently allowing over 700 advisers to have peace of mind that their clients are being taken care of, whilst they can focus solely on advice. To learn more visit