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Brokers play a vital role when it comes to supporting self-employed applicants. Fully aware that their complex financial situation needs the support of an expert like you, self-employed buyers will often go to a broker as their first port of call.

They’ll rely on you and your understanding of the market to support them, knowing that you’ll be able to educate and guide them on what will give them the best chance of being approved for a loan.

This can seem daunting, but it all comes down to having good relationships with lenders, so it’s vital you know the products on offer, and how well-positioned each lender is to support a client’s specific circumstances – however challenging or straightforward they may be.

Kent Reliance for Intermediaries understands the importance of self-employed individuals in today’s economy, and we fully support them as your mortgage clients. Our flexibility and willingness to lend provides an array of opportunities for self-employed clients struggling to get a loan.

We look at each case in detail, picking it apart piece by piece, and working personally with brokers to find the best possible solution.

Ways we can help

We accept individuals that have been self-employed for a minimum of 12 months, providing proof of income is supplied. This should be based on the finalised accounts, accountant’s reference or any tax calculations submitted to HMRC.

We can also consider projection of income for the second year from a suitably qualified accountant, providing an appropriate business plan is provided. The level of projected income can be up to 30% greater than the confirmed income for year one.

With self-employed figures remaining high, you have the opportunity to support those who have felt marginalised by high street lenders, helping clients access the financial support they require. This can be achieved by consulting lenders with the relevant experience.

By working with Kent Reliance for Intermediaries and getting to know how we approach complex cases, you’ll be better placed to serve and to support your self-employed clients this year and give them the opportunities they deserve. We look forward to providing new and relevant opportunities for your self-employed clients, so speak to your local business development manager today or call our sales team on 01634 835791.

Liza Campion

Head of Corporate Accounts