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Sara Docherty – Senior Marketing Consultant, Royal London

Working from home has fast become the new reality for many of us. But things probably feel anything but normal just now.

That’s why we wanted to give you some practical hints and tips that we hope will be helpful as we all adjust to new ways of working.

As many of you know, our online service provides a quick and efficient way of submitting applications. In fact, in February, 98% of our Personal Menu plans were submitted online. But for those of you that don’t use it, or haven’t for a while, here are six ways our online service makes it easier to submit applications when you can’t meet your clients face-to-face.

1. Accurate indicative decisions

Use our pre-sale underwriting tool to get fast and accurate indicative decisions. You can check things like family history, occupation, hazardous pursuits and a range of medical conditions that could impact your client’s application. It’s available online 24/7, so you can use it whenever it suits you. And when you’re logged in, you can move between our pre-sale tool and quote and apply system seamlessly – making your online journey easier.

2. Total flexibility

Our ‘send to client’ feature means you can complete an online application yourself or send it to your clients to complete all or some of the medical questions, at a time that works for them. You can use this option at any point in the application process. And our tracker means you can see where they are with their application. You can also click in to view it, so if your client is stuck on a particular section, you can guide them. And it’s always you we inform of the final decision, giving you complete control.

3. Easy access to quotes and applications

Use our online dashboard to quickly access all your quotes and applications. You can see which plans need start dates and you can add or amend dates before a plan goes live. You can also see the impact start dates will have on first payment amounts, as well as when premiums will be collected – helping you set client expectations.

4. Handy change of address tool

Add or amend a client’s future address details or make an immediate address change at any point before a plan starts. And we’ll send your clients an email to let them know.

5. Check the impact of further disclosures

Assess the impact of any further disclosures during application completion by using our estimated decisions feature. By encouraging your clients to provide as much detail as possible, it can help reduce the chance of us needing to request further medical information from them or their GP.

6. Fewer underwriting referrals

Our smart rules engine means your clients are asked targeted questions so cases are less likely to be referred to our underwriters. You can be certain the indicative decision for the condition you checked pre-sale, will be the same as the final underwriting decision for that condition. This means more instant decisions.

If you need any additional help with our technology, our business support unit is your one-stop shop for help with our online support services, as well as best advice systems and portals.

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