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By 22nd March 2019June 12th, 2023Blog, Mortgages
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The 2019 mortgage market is ripe with opportunities for you to contact your clients to ensure they are still on the right deal.

Mortgage Product transfers

The mortgage product transfer market continues to grow with an estimated £150 billion worth of transactions in 2018 of which it’s estimated 60% have been facilitated via the direct channels. This makes it crucial to keep in touch with your clients and give them options when their circumstances change or they are looking to move to a new deal.

Product innovation

We continue to see regional lenders branching out and diversifying their propositions with many moving into niche areas, giving more options to your clients. Some of these lenders are moving into Buy to Let and Large Loans while also offering flexibility in mainstream lending.

Mortgage Interest Rates

2019 has started in an extremely low interest rate environment where 5 year deals are as cheap as 2 year, which continues to emphasise the importance of looking after your customers; although new mortgages might be fixed for 5 years remember that your customers’ circumstances will change and it’s important to ensure that they have the right and appropriate protection and general insurance in place to meet their needs whatever the term of their mortgage deal.

Market Conditions

It’s a very competitive market at the moment and lenders are fighting for your business which means the best possible rates for your customers. Get in touch with your clients that have deals coming to an end in the coming months, or that you haven’t contacted for a while. Maybe they are looking to save some money on their mortgage or looking to move? Make sure they still have the best deal for their circumstances.

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