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For PRIMIS intermediary use only

We’re putting the fizz back into Lemonade!

With the fast paced, ever-changing landscape we have the perfect tonic to keep you up to speed with increasing rates and product changes.

Lemonade was originally launched during the pandemic to provide a host of useful tools and updates to support PRIMIS brokers.

It’s back again to do a very similar job but in different circumstances. The Experts Team will keep the site up to date so if you have any questions or can’t find what you need, please get in touch –

Rate Changes

Hanley Economic Building Society – Product Launch

Don’t forget to join us at the IMLA Intermediary Expo

Lending Policy Update

Please find attached an up to date criteria grid, following some recent changes to our Lending Policy.

Bank of Ireland Live Chat

We want to make sure that working with us is as easy as possible. That’s why there’s now another way you can contact us!

For Bespoke queries your dedicated BDM and TBDM are still your first port of call. They can help you every step of the way including complex case queries, progressing cases straight to AIP and case updates.

But now you can also get answers to other queries through our new Intermediaries Live Chat*.

Our Live Chat team are on hand to help you with:

Important Barclays product news

Have you seen our new products?

Our new 1-year fixed rate could be perfect for customers who:

  • Are on track to repairing their credit but just need a bit more time before fixing for a longer period
  • Are moving home in the not-too-distant future so don’t want to commit to a long-term deal
  • Want short-term protection from variable rates 

Our new 1-year fixed range at a glance:

Rates from 5.44% with 1% fee

Up to85% LTV

And don’t forget, our cascade system automatically filters cases through the levels of adverse we accept.

Important Barclays product news

Following a review of our offering, please be advised we are changing rates on a selection of products across our Residential Purchase, Remortgage and Reward ranges, effective from tomorrow, Friday 24 May. 

Please see rate overview guide for information of all product changes. You can access the full range of Barclays mortgage products, effective from tomorrow, within our updated Intermediary and Reward rate sheets.

Product withdrawal timings – To qualify for a product, a MIS needs to have been generated, on or before the date of withdrawal (Thursday 23rd May) either using our Barclays systems or your preferred sourcing tool and must be submitted prior to the last application date Saturday 1st June for new lending applications, or until Friday 24th May for Product Transfers (Rate Switch). Please be advised that upon withdrawal, the products will be removed from the dropdown options within our application services. Therefore, for new lending applications you will need to ensure the product has been selected and saved in the application today (you then have until Saturday 1st June to secure a case booking and submit).

We’re withdrawing select Holiday Buy to Let rates

At Hodge we’re committed to giving you plenty of notice when things change, so you can secure the rate you’ve recommended to your customers and continue to deliver the service they deserve.
As of Friday 24th May at 5pm, we are withdrawing both our £1,495 and £1,995 two year fixed fee paying rates.
Our fee free and £995 fee rates are not affected.

To secure the existing rates, we need your DIPs and Apps in by the deadlines below:

  • Last date and time for DIPs – Friday 24th May at 9am
  • Last date and time for Apps – Friday 24th May at 5pm

Advance Notice of planned Zurich systems Downtime – 23/05/2024

Please be advised about upcomingplanned Zurich systems period of downtime: 

Start Time – Thursday 23rd of May 2024 at 05:00am
Expected End Time – Thursday 23rd of May 2024 at 09:00am
Products and Impact – Zurich Life Protection Platform will be unavailable during this time  

Halifax Intermediaries product launch 24.05.2024

Changes to our product range

On Friday 24 May we are making the following changes to our product range;

Homemover and First Time Buyer products

  • Rate reductions of up to 0.19% on 2 and 5 year fixed rate products

Further information

  • The product search tool on the Halifax Intermediaries Website, Halifax Intermediaries Online and sourcing systems will be updated by Friday 24 May
  • To secure existing product codes, please submit applications in full by 8pm on Thursday 23 May

Barclays Service Improvement: Simplifying our Mortgage Application Amendment (PCV) process

We are fully committed to improving your experience of doing business with us.

You’ve told us that you’d like our PCV process to be simple and straight-forward.

We are pleased to share that we’ve improved our process and now you can make most changes to your application in the moment through our Live Chat service as an alternative to completing the form.  What’s even better is that a transcript of your chat is saved automatically in the ‘Live Chat History’. Our team are available Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.00pm.  Start an online chat by logging in to the Intermediary Hub.

Changes you can make via Live Chat include:

  • Lending requirements – purchase price, loan amount, maximum borrowing, loan to value
  • Mortgage product and term
  • New property details
  • Solicitor details
  • Updating commitments – for non-debt consolidation applications

Atom bank unveils Near Prime criteria improvements to help more borrowers

Everyone experiences pressure at work every now and again, but when stress gets too much, it can be harmful. Fortunately awareness is growing thanks to Stress Awareness Month, which has been held in the UK since 1992. This year’s theme is #LittleByLittle and it’s about making small changes for big benefits.
No one’s immune to stress…
…least of all those of us who work in financial services. We’re taking steps to protect our own team from burnout, and to mark Stress Awareness Month 2024, we’ve published an article on our strategies for protecting and improving mental health at work. You can read it here.
Little habits, big difference
Our article looks at simple changes that can help avoid or reduce stress at work and beyond, including;

  • Connecting with friends
  • Exercising for better mental health
  • Recommendations from our TML Mental Health First Aiders

We understand everyone’s different, so finding the best strategy for you is important. Take a look at the article, and discover how our Mental Health First Aiders beat stress for a happier, healthier work life. We’re on your side when it comes helping our brokers so if you have a complex case that’s getting you down, contact your local BDM.

West One Update: Big Changes to Residential and BTL Areas 🕩

Residential Update

We are glad to announce that starting from May 22nd, we will be implementing new reduced mortgage rates.

Introducing a new 65% LTV option across our Prime Plus, Prime, and Near Prime products, with reduced pricing available for both fixed and lifetime tracker products.

▶️ 5-year fixed rates starting from 5.87%

▶️ 2-year fixed rates starting from 6.35%

▶️ Lifetime tracker products starting from 2.30% above BBR

Buy-To-Let Update

We are updating our 1st Charge BTL fixed rate product range, which will be accessible on our broker portal starting May 21st, 2024. The modifications impact both our Limited-Edition and Core product ranges.

Here are some highlights of the changes:

🟢 2-year fixed rates now starting from 3.09%

🟢 5-year fixed rates now starting from 4.15%

Various fee options are offered across the product range, tailored to each specific product. Fees range from 2.50% to 9.99%, allowing clients to choose based on their unique circumstances.

One week to go until our lending into retirement webinar!

Wednesday 29th May at 10am

Book a spot to join our business development managers, Abenaa Afari and Hema Patel for a closer look into the later life lending landscape, including:

  • An overview of the market
  • How 50+ customers are evolving
  • Trends, opportunities and live examples
  • Financial flexibility and maximising affordability
  • Specialist lending solutions

Q&A with Abenaa and Hema

Atom bank unveils Near Prime criteria improvements to help more borrowers

  • Level of acceptable unsatisfied registered defaults more than doubled to £2,500
  • Defaults look back period reduced to two years
  • Criteria changes supplement strong pricing on Near Prime range

Atom bank, the UK’s first app-based bank, has announced a series of significant improvements to its New Prime criteria to deliver greater support to an underserved area of the market.

Unsatisfied registered defaults are now accepted up to £2,500, up from the previous cap of £1,000. The limit for unsatisfied registered defaults for communication and utility bills has also doubled from £250 to £500.

Atom bank has also reduced the timeframe in which defaults will be taken into account. Previously defaults from more than three years ago were discounted, but now this will apply to defaults from more than two years ago.

Delivering better value and broader choice

The changes follow a number of recent improvements to ensure the Near Prime range is better value and more accessible.

Atom bank widened its Near Prime range with the addition of a suite of three-year fixed rate deals in April, and continues to offer strong value products to Near Prime borrowers.

Prior to this, Atom bank removed missed payment and arrears management fees to ensure that when clients experience payment issues they are supported in getting back onto their feet as quickly as possible.

Unlike many specialist lenders, Near Prime customers at Atom bank benefit from technology like Automated Valuation Models, providing them with a swift response to applications.

Richard Harrison, Head of Mortgages at Atom bank, commented:

“The range of improvements to our Near Prime range mean that Atom bank is now one of the leading lenders when it comes to delivering for clients who have a less than perfect credit history.

“We know that customers with the odd payment blip are significantly underserved by mainstream lenders at the moment, yet brokers are seeing greater numbers of clients who fall into this category after the challenges of recent years.

“Atom bank is determined to support Near Prime clients for the long term, not only taking a more understanding approach to their current situation, but also offering them the opportunity to move onto Prime products once their circumstances improve.”

Virgin Money

BTL Purchase & Remortgage

  • Intermediary Exclusive fixed rates with 3% fee reduced by up to 0.04%, starting from 4.05%.
  • Intermediary Exclusive fixed rates with 1% fee  reduced by up to 0.05%, starting from 4.67%.
  • Intermediary Exclusive fixed rates with £2,195 fee reduced by 0.10%, starting from 4.57%.
  • Fixed rates with £995 reduced by up to 0.19%, starting from 4.89%.
  • Fixed rate fee-savers reduced by up to 0.21%, starting from 5.19%.
  • 65% & 75% LTV Residential Product Transfer fixed rates  reduced by 0.10%, starting from 4.43%.
  • BTL Product Transfer fixed rates reduced by up to 0.15%, starting from 4.51%.
  • Shared Ownership fixed rates reduced by up to 0.10%, starting from 4.59%.
  • Selected Own New fixed rates reduced by up to 0.13%, starting from 1.09%.
  • CA Reward BTL fixed rates with £1,495 fee  reduced by 0.05%, starting from 4.72%.
  • Network Exclusive 5 Year 75% LTV remortgage fixed rates reduced by up to 0.23%.
  • NEW Network Exclusive 5 Year 60% LTV remortgage fixed rate fee-saver at 4.50%.

Santander fixed rate reductions on 23 May

Teacher exclusive mortgage rates

TFI Product Update

Now offering up to 20 units for MUFBs within standard criteria

Product withdrawal information

Looking for a mortgage for your self-employed client?

A Guide to Debt Consolidation with a Second Charge Mortgage

A Guide to Debt Consolidation with a Second Charge Mortgage

In today’s tough economic climate, many individuals are finding themselves facing mounting debts, skyrocketing interest rates, and the constant challenge of managing multiple payments. In their latest blog, Aria Finance look at how, why, and when second charge mortgages can be used for debt consolidation. Highlighting the risks and opportunities of using a second charge mortgage to help enable you to fully engage with your clients to understand their debt profile and financial position.

Our latest mortgage product update

We’re making some changes to our new lending mortgage range. These changes affect new mortgage applications only.

Key Product Updates

  • Selected Residential fixed rates reduced by up to 20bps.
  • New £999 fee 2 Year 75%, 85% and 90% LTV Residential products introduced.
  • New £1,499 fee 2 year Residential products introduced.
  • New 2 and 5 Year fee free Residential products introduced.

Products will be withdrawn from the system at midnight Tuesday 21 May – see our latest updates for details. You’ll be able to apply for any new products from the stated launch date.

Lifetime Mortgage Update – Lifestyle

With effect from Wednesday 22nd May, interest rates are decreasing on the Lifestyle range.

Price Drop on BTL Limited Editions!

Your Barclays Monthly Update for May

Here is our monthly update for May.  A version of this will go to your broker members too.  Please take the time! to have a read, and feel free to take any parts of this to share directly with your members as you see fit.

Earlier this month,  we shared with you our new simplified residential affordability calculator. This has been designed by brokers, for brokers and we are really excited for you to use it. We will continue to listen to your feedback through our engagements and shape our enhancements based on what you tell us will make doing business with us easier.

Key Policy Updates

We’ve made some Mortgage policy changes to our allowable income for Limited Company Contractors, these are:

  • Affordability can be calculated using the day rate for up to 90% LTV
  • More than one shareholder can be accepted where all applicants collectively own 100% shares
  • Each applicant is allowed more than one contract

I am pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar, Join us and our industry guests on Thursday, 23 May to hear a discussion on the need to master marketing strategies to stand out and thrive in a dynamic market. We will delve into proven techniques and upcoming
trends to help elevate your presence.

Product refresh rate reductions 22.05.24

As of the morning of 22nd May 2024, Foundation Home Loans will refresh and reduce rates across a number of its products across BTL & Residential ranges.