What is Toolbox?

Toolbox is intelligent technology and an award-winning platform, built with advisers for advisers.

Toolbox is PRIMIS’ own digital front-to-back office solution designed for brokers to use in the advice process with their customers, and to operate their businesses efficiently and compliantly.

Toolbox provides PRIMIS mortgage and protection brokers multiple functions within one system (click on the arrows below on the Toolbox home page to learn more). Here are some of the key areas of functionality used by brokers:

Business administration and operational functionality – Lead and Sales tracking functionality
Training, Competency and Compliance including KPIs and Quality dashboards
Full suite of Management Information (MI) reporting
Full suite of Lender/Provider source and quote solutions
Point of sale – client and product workflows
Customer relationship management
Lead generation through Virtual PA data mining
Commissions and Fees payments, including invoicing and receipting functionality
Introducer Portal version of Toolbox

API connectivity developments give brokers access to industry-leading integrated solutions. These include mortgage sourcing, protection sourcing, general insurance (GI) quote engine, application submission, electronic ID and due diligence checking and customer feedback questionnaires.

How can it help your business?

PRIMIS want to give advisers the right tools for the job, so they can focus on their customers and grow their businesses. Toolbox is designed to streamline processes and make life easier for brokers and their customers. With so much functionality in one platform, it saves using and paying for multiple systems.

What makes
Toolbox unique?

As Toolbox is an in-house solution, it can be adapted quickly in line with market, lender and provider changes.

Intermediary feedback is gathered regularly to ensure that Toolbox delivers world class experiences for all users, in particular meeting customers’ needs.

As a purpose built technology solution, PRIMIS have full influence of direction for enhancements whilst ensuring user experience and data security is at the core of decision making. In essence, PRIMIS are not restricted by third party solution limitations – it is all our own making. Our approach means that brokers and their customers are at the centre of our technology.

Want to know more?

What they’re saying.

PRIMIS are driving success for our Industry through their innovative and leading technology – Toolbox.

PRIMIS place advisers at the very heart of their solution. They understand the challenges faced by advisers and how to deliver efficiencies within a fully robust and holistic financial planning tool. This results in providing the very best client outcomes.

Not only do PRIMIS recognise the importance of investing and developing in their technology to support their network firms, they also recognise the importance of a structured training programme to maximise adoption, ensuring all users get the most out of the system and everything it has to offer.

I have always found the team at PRIMIS to be collaborative and engaging with our joint roadmaps. They take real pride in delivering technology that provides real and tangible benefits to their userbase.

Kate BuckleyDistribution Client Manager, iPipeline – SolutionBuilder

Toolbox has enhanced customer service, as when a client calls the office any member of staff can give them an update immediately. Administrative time is cut down because Toolbox can be used in front of the client, without filling in paper forms and inputting data later. It is one of the simplest, most straight forward business tools I have ever used in my 25 years of being an adviser!

Judith ClaytonHouse of Mortgages Ltd

We have found the system very reliable and user-friendly, it has been a great attribute to us in operating as paper-free office. We can run and monitor the business from any location, even on an iPhone.

The latest enhancements have increased the marketing potential with reminders for sales opportunities, virtual introducer and management and compliance reports. We look forward to the latest enhancements as they are developed and applied.

Simon Sturt and Jerry MayOxford Mortgage Company

The numbers*


Mortgage Completions


First time buyer mortgage completions


Protection completions (Jan-Oct)


Billion Protection Completions Sum Assured (£)

*correct as of 30/10/2020 (figures for Jan-Oct 2020)

Your virtual PA.

Virtual PA is a lead generation tool PRIMIS built to help brokers spot gaps in their customers’ product portfolios. This tool identifies where protection and other insurances are missing, and intelligently identifies further opportunities with their mortgage products. This helps brokers maximise their client banks and helps to ensure that customers don’t miss out on the financial advice they need.


  • Online engagement, live chat and secure document transfer through fully integrated Client Portal
  • Online application portal for all onboarding of firms and advisers
  • Online FCA Directory for customer insights.

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